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Basel II,III

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About This Course

This course is designed to explain to delegates in a banking environment, the role of Basel II and its successor, Basel III in the risk management function. It demonstrates how it adds value to an organisation despite its flaws and it explains the key components of risk management.

Course Staff


Johan’s research for his Masters and Ph.D was largely based on Basel II and III and various articles from his research were published. He joined the South African Reserve Bank in 2005 as part of its Cadet Programme and was awarded the Reserve Bank diploma and the Associate diploma from the Institute of Bankers of South Africa. In 2006 he completed all seven of the Registered Persons Exams (RPEs) through the South African Institute of Financial Markets (SAIFM) and subsequently became a member of the SAIFM (MIFM). He currently holds the position of market risk manager with a large, JSE-listed, financial services company.

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