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Cash Flow Forecasting and Debt Structuring

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

A core objective of this online workshop is to provide the corporate credit banker with the ability to formulate cash flow forecasts as part of the client corporate credit analysis process and assessment of whether companies can honour their debt repayments. As a consequence, we will use sensitivity analysis to assess the potential impact of risk crystallisation on the company’s free cash flow generation. This in turn forms an intrinsically central part of the banker’s debt structuring process, whereby the corporate lender will need to structure the company’s repayment schedule in line with its forecast cash flows..

The case study companies that we will analyse during our online workshop sessions will comprise a broad range of different companies operating across Africa. We will use fully interactive case studies and financial models to forecast future cash flows of the company and therefore will use these case studies as part of the debt structuring workshops.

Who should attend

This course is ideal for corporate bankers at an intermediary to advanced stage of their corporate credit banking careers, who have a good command of holistic corporate credit analysis but who need to improve their financial modelling, cash flow forecasting and debt structuring skills.

Course Director

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Juan Gamecho

The Presenter is a professional banking and finance trainer who for nearly fifteen years has been training students in banking, finance, credit analysis, debt restructuring and loan workout, risk management, strategic management, and corporate governance compliance. Cooperating with some of the world’s leading training companies, Juan has trained delegates from some of the largest industrial and financial institutions across Europe and the Middle East. In parallel to his lecturing career, He has an 18-year career in merchant and investment banking, initiated in the City of London. Since 2003 Juan has been the managing partner of an independent investment banking advisory firm specialising in finance raising, credit analysis and corporate finance services in the emerging economies of South Eastern Europe. A core element of Juan’s work through Capital Advisers is helping companies to restructure their debt and equity position with a view to strengthening company viability through their restructured Balance Sheets. It is this practical hands on experience of balance sheet restructuring that he brings to the courses and workshops that he develops for clients.

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