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Leading with Impact

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About This Course

“Leadership is context-sensitive; to be an effective leader in one era may be quite different from being an effective leader in another. This leads us to conclude that leaders need to have contextual intelligence--they must be able to sense changing contextual circumstances and the business opportunities and challenges they present.” Nitin Nohria: Harvard Business School.

This course aims to give leaders the opportunity to ground their understanding of the context in which they lead. Through the sessions there is a build on the themes that move from leading self to leading others. The delegates will learn practical tools and models that they will be able to employ with the support of the facilitator in group coaching sessions. By using ICAP’s highly interactive online training platform, delegates will have direct, real time access to the expert training coordinator with whom they will work through the course content. This will allow the delegates to share various details about their experience in leadership / desires for the future leadership roles and to pose individual questions regarding subject matter to the trainer, in real time. In addition to this real time direct trainer access, delegates will also receive a post course recording of the live training and discussions, to which they will be able to return, time and again for revision purposes.

Course Staff

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Yvette Zogby

Yvette has a BA Industrial Psychology (University of Witwatersrand) and a philosophy to share messages that shift people closer to achieving their potential. Her early career background was in Human Resources.Facilitation has been a big part of her career and she enjoys engaging with diverse people. She creates an inclusive, safe learning space to optimise development.She’s facilitated many leadership and team programmes over the past 20 years, some of which have been large scale leadership programmes, with the focus on both individual and team effectiveness through practical strategies. She has designed, developed and implemented people development programmes for clients for 20 years which required being aware of the required competencies needed in a changing environment. Has coached people in business for the past 13 years to increase their influence, impact and improved people management awareness and capability. Much of this work has involved unlocking new energy within body, mindset, heart and overall engagement at work.

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Charmaine Kobrowisky

Charmaine is a certified advanced level professional business coach with extensive experience supporting executives and leaders in the Financial Services Industry. Charmaine has extensive experience supporting Executives and Leaders in the Financial Services industry as the Human Resources Executive for a JSE listed Company. With over 20 years’ experience in strategy formulation, leadership development, talent acquisition and development, organisational development, performance management and employee engagement she has gained valuable insight into how individuals and teams support business to achieve their objectives. Executive, Leadership and Team coaching formed an important part of her portfolio for the past 8 years. Charmaine is a PCC (Professionally Certified Coach) with the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and a qualified Time to Think teacher, coach and facilitator.

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