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Digital Marketing

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About This Course

Digital marketing utilises the power of technology and the Internet to enthuse demand through interactive mediums. Digital marketing creates a platform where all consumers are equal and suppliers have to compete by creating or enhancing the value they propose. Its places a transparency obligation on all users and creates unprecedented freedom of choice for the buyer..

Course Staff

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Timothy Loyd

Transformation Coach

My passion is to see people’s lives transform as a result of my influence. My desire is to be the best Trainer, Coach and Mentor in the world. My strategy is build brick by brick taking the long term view whilst being relevant and impactful in the present. My vision is to look back twenty years from now and see others developing their ideas on my foundation. My mission is simply to build people and their capacity for personal leadership, making Kings in the Market place and see them impact at least three generations after them. Why? Because no one was born to work as a slave, pay debt for 30 and Die. We all are meant to become our true self. We are meant to become Rulers of our own Experience and create an Environment conducive for our children to be born into.

Training Consultant

I train corporations in soft skills such as: Business Communication Communication Skills Customer Service Excellence Assertiveness & Confidence Presentation Skills Change Management Emotional Intelligence Cultural Diversity People Management & Leadership Team Leader/Supervisory Skills Leadership 2020 Coaching & Mentoring Leading with Diversity Project Management Quality Assurance Conflict Resolution Stress Management Time Management

Motivatonal Speaker, NLP Coach & Author

Braintools - The power to Creativity, Learning and Memory How to Change Your Thinking For Success (Understanding The Power of Pattern) Think & Grow Confident - Secrets to Lasting Confidence Self Leadership - The Test of Character Emotional Intelligence & Beyond Dynamic In-House Team Building (Identifying and cultivating your teams’ individual strengths)

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