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Strategic Balance Sheet Management

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

In this highly interactive training program participants explore the key challenges banks face today in the optimization of the bank’s balance sheet. Due to uncertain business conditions, escalating regulations and changing business models for banks, Balance Sheet Management has moved to the forefront of the financial landscape. “Asset & Liability Management” covers the key aspects of Balance Sheet Management with a particular focus on Capital Management as well as the new “Global Liquidity Standard”. Where appropriate, the implications of Basel lll are discussed and analysed.

With the use of the Gaurdb@nk 3 Simulator created and designed by Simarch , each participant gets the opportunity to manage a bank and get to experience the complexities of managing the Balance Sheet Management function in a full-services bank. As in the real world, banks compete against one another. Each bank has to price loans and deposits and make marketing and strategic decisions. Participants increasingly apply all the concepts discussed/taught during lessons and receive quarterly feedback relative to the impact competitors have on their overall performane

Who should attend:

.Members of ALCO in a Bank

·Personnel that form part of the ALM support function in a bank

·Personnel in Treasury including the Treasurer

.Personnel in Risk Management

·Chief Financial Officers and personal from Finance

·Strategic and Capital Planning Executives

·Internal Auditors

·Compliance personnel

·Central Bankers

Course Staff

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Ziegfried Vermaak

Founder, Developer and CEO of Simarch (1999 – Present) SimArch was founded in 1999. SimArch has always focused on the use of customized simulations as part of training programmes within a bank. We were one of the forerunners providing simulations online, moving away from excel-based simulations to an online platform, which is flexible and requires no downloading. Our aim has always been to keep pace with new technologies as they provide new opportunities for how we learn. Since 2002, through the competencies we built in the area of Asset & Liability Management, we have been designing decision support tools to assist banks with the implementation of best practice processes and with the preparation of their monthly Alco papers. Through the years, our banking simulations, decision tools and banking games have been used in over 170 companies and in more than 45 countries.

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Theo Van Wyk

Theo is currently an independent consultant in Bank Financial Risk Management. He has held numerous senior positions within this area including Head of Investment Risk at ABSA Corporate and Business Bank from 1999 – 2012. Theo brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to this course, highlighting the Do’s and Don’ts of best practice to Strategic Balance Sheet Management.

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